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Hebrew, Arabic, or Farsi: any level, ages 14-80!


The Key to Success In College and Beyond: Foreign Language Fluency

Why learning a new language and foreign culture immersion can be the make or break issue for today's students.
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Live life: Step out of Helicopter!

Live life: Step out of Helicopter! Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Israel with Lirom Language Center's immersion excursions in Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi and English.
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Study Arabic in Israel - Because Language Bridges Cultures and People

May 21 2017, Learning Arabic, the fifth most spoken language on earth and one of six official UN languages, can be an extremely smart career move. Studying Arabic in Israel, in addition to offering a secure environment, has the added dimensions of providing countless real-world opportunities to practice the language and putting students in a position to make a meaningful, first-hand contribution to the Jews-Arabs conflict. Hence, the Arabic language programs put forth by the Givat Haviva Institute for advanced Arabic studies and Peace Education, offer the perfect setting for achieving all of the above.
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Be rewarded for bringing students and travelers to Israel! Earn up to $500