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Hebrew, Arabic, or Farsi: any level, ages 14-80!


Live life: Step out of Helicopter!

Live life: Step out of Helicopter! Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Israel with Lirom Language Center's immersion excursions in Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi and English.
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The Key to Success In College and Beyond: Foreign Language Fluency

Why learning a new language and foreign culture immersion can be the make or break issue for today's students.
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When You're Too Old For Summer Camp

January 28th, 2015- You'd love to go somewhere far away, meet with local teens, and have fun experiencing what the country has to offer. But your parents want you to learn something. This year there's a solution; a program which combines what you want with what your parents need.
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Share your love of Israel and be rewarded for bringing students and travelers to Israel!